Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Defense

When charged with a crime, your liberty is at stake.  In addition to potential criminal sanctions such as jail, probation and/or fines, you may face other consequences including deportation, loss of license, and loss of employment.  Our attorneys who are skilled in providing criminal defense also consciously consider these other consequences.

With regard to Criminal offenses in Superior and Juvenile Court, we not only provide a defense but our approach is to relieve the anxiety which comes with a criminal charge.  We prefer to get involved as soon as possible so that we can not only preserve beneficial evidence but also provide our clients with a realistic appreciation of the process.  Unfortunately, uniformity is not the hallmark of the system.  Different counties treat cases differently.  Our experience has taught us to recognize this fact and focus our defense accordingly.

Our attorneys have tried murder cases, sexual assault cases, drug possession and distribution cases, white collar crimes as well as other offenses too numerous to mention here.  Suffice it to say, we have the experience to protect you.

Municipal Court

As more and more offenses are being remanded to municipal courts, representation there has become more important.  In addition to traffic offenses and DUIs, much of the Court’s docket involves drug offenses which were once handled in Superior Court.  The same defenses apply.  You deserve an attorney who has had the experience of trying such cases in both the Superior and the municipal courts.


While DWI is not a crime in New Jersey, the consequences of a conviction are often more devastating than a conviction for some criminal offenses.  With this in mind, we take such cases very seriously.  There are both technical and factual defenses that must be explored to either prevent or lessen the severity of a term of license revocation.

Domestic Violence

While not necessarily a criminal offenses, the imposition of  a restraining order must be opposed.  If for no other reason, then an apparently innocent violation will result in a criminal contempt citation.  Our attorneys have tried numerous DV complaints and are aware of subtle defenses that will help win the case.

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